It's not only politicians who say one thing but do the other

David Gold, co-owner of Birmingham City has criticised the decision to appoint an Italian as the manager of the England national football team. He admits that if he had been in charge of the FA he too would probably have appointed Capello, but does go on to say

"How would I protect myself just in case I ever became the chief executive of the FA? I'll tell you how. I think Fifa and Uefa should apply the same rules to the managers as they do to the players.

By that I mean you must be English to manage England, Spanish to manage Spain etc. It should be a legal requirement. "

In domestic football there is no shortage of promising English managers to choose from, ready to take the step up to the Premier League, so you would presume that David Gold believes strongly enough in what he says that he followed the policy of appointing an Englishman when Birmingham recently appointed a new manager.

Of course not. Alex McLeish, the new Birmingham manager, is Scottish.

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