Is there anyone Blair won't fawn over to ingratiate himself ?

In a speech clearly aimed at winning over French support in order for Tony Blair to become the first President of the EU, Tony Blair fawned his way through a speech to delegates from the french UMP Party, telling everyone how he loves the EU, how much he cares about Europe and how close he and President Sarkozy are.

In much the same way as Tony Blair fawned all over George Bush in order to "get in" with the neo cons in America, Blair seems to know no borders when it comes to wanting to further his own prospects.

The problem is that, as Blair's record shows, he was quite willing to sell British interests so long as he could be close to the American's, and so we joined in with America's illegal war in Iraq. I have absolutely no confidence that Blair therefore has a record on which he can stand as the EU chief. How will it look to the Middle East that Europe's warmonger in chief is the head of the EU ? How will it look to the rest of the world ?

Let's hope the EU never gets a standing army because Blair could not be trusted with it.

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Anonymous said...

Don't be silly; any standing army would be composed of all the troops too useless, stupid or politically correct to be inducted into normal armies. Thus you would have commando units including waif-like women who cannot carry more than a small pistol, and officers who couldn't command a dog let alone a troop of men.

The whole army would be a standing joke, and scarcely more threatening than the Zimbabwean junior cadets, yet would cost a fortune to equip and outfit.

Giving Blair command of a bunch of useless numpties like this would be the very best thing possible to do to him, in the hope that he'd set about some country daft enough to fight back and which was savvy enough to negotiate free passage over intervening states in order to invade Brussels and capture the EU parliament.

At that point a very strange situation would occur; the invader would be in the position to blackmail the EU with the simple threat: Pay us or we'll let them go.