In which league table is Britain level with Russia, China, The USA, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore ?

Unfortunately the league table mentioned in the title is not one that shows economic growth, not life expectancy or even per capita income. No, the sad state of affairs is that the league table that puts Britain level, at the bottom, with those states mentioned in the title of this posting, is the one that list endemic surveillance societies.

It comes to something that we are listed alongside Russia, China and the US, which has the abysmal affront to civil liberties called "The Patriot Act".
Mr Eugenidies, from whom I found this story write about it really well HERE.

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Jim said...

Actually, I've notice a pattern ever since I started becoming politically aware. Basically, you don't even have to look at an international survey to know that they all go:

"Britain is the [insert negative adjective here] for [insert negative fact here]"