In honour of Lee Probert - Britain's worst ref ?

A few months ago I had the bad luck to witness one of the most inept refereeing performances ever from a referee who really never ought to be able to show his face on a football pitch again. his name is Lee Probert. However, in typical style, after a series of bad performances and inept decision making, and I highlighted the incompetence he showed in a Norwich game versus Derby County last March, he was deemed bad enough by the Premier League to become a Premiership referee (although he still does Championship games).

I was pleased to see though that someone had gone to the trouble of doing something about Mr Probert on YouTube, in honour of his appalling decision making last March. I enjoyed, I guess many other Norwich City season ticket holders would enjoy it, but if you are not a Norwich fan, it may only be of passing interest, but remember the name. Mr Probert could be wrecking a game near you soon.


LiberalHawk said...

Your opinions thoroughly vindicated by his shocking performance in the Wigan vs. Everton match yesterday, when he petulantly booked Mikel Arteta for 'taking a free kick too quickly'.

Probert - another dysfunctional attention-seeker to inflict yet more damage on the beautiful game.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Probert has no idea of what people would call "natural justice". His interpretation of what is fair is what is in the rules of the game, but offers no flexibility like good referees should, so fans and players are frustrated at his very odd judgements and lack of awareness.