Thoughts on the US Elections - Edwards to back Obama ? Is Rudy the stupidest man in America ?

It seems clear from at least one senior BBC journalist that John Edwards is likely to support Barack Obama, and if Edwards not only backs Obama, but also campaigns for Obama, than he could take a large chunk of his vote with him to and keep it fro Hillary Clinton.

Personally, I like John Edward's style. He comes across as a man of common sense and principles, and it is a shame he has missed out. But I want to see America led by a Democrat and like many in the UK think that Obama is the leader I would most like to see, so it is to be hoped that Edwards support could given Obama that boost he needs to get ahead of Hillary Clinton's national poll lead.

As for Rudy Giuliani, the US has had a lucky escape. He decided to prove he was a genius and defy all previous candidates experiences and ignore the early primaries by going for the big "killer"states. In following this strategy he showed himself to by naive, dim and lacking in judgement. What a prat.

Paul Walter's excellent blog goes in to more detail here on both Rudy and Edwards and is well worth a read.

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asquith said...

I regret the passing of Edwards' campaign. He would have been best for America, for a series of reasons. Now I hope Obama wins. As for the false one, I'd have to back her against any Republican since she isn't quite as bad, but I can summon no enthusiasm for her.