Are the people of Salford and Eccles that daft ?

I refer to "the people", but really I mean those Labour Party members in those constituencies who, after being merged, have chosen to have Hazel Blears as their candidate rather than the other local MP Ian Stewart.

A look at her voting record shows her to be in favour of MP's being exempt from the Freedom of Information Act, pro war, anti people having the right to protest near parliament, and in favour of reducing scrutiny of parliament.

On the other the record of Ian Stewart shows his voting record to be ... almost identical so he hardly helped his chances by choosing to vote in a way that showed him up to be a stooge of the whips office.

I've never met Ian Stewart and I would only be able to pick him out of a group if he were wearing a badge, a T-Shirt, a hat and a rosette all saying in large letters "I AM IAN STEWART". But for him to lose to Hazel Blears by such a large margin (174 votes - 79votes ) must mean that he is absolutely bloody awful as an MP. After all, Hazel Blears comes across at every opportunity as thick and massively out of her depth, to lose to her really takes some doing.

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