Why is it when the police are treated like teachers are over pay it is suddenly a disgrace ?

Don't get me wrong before I start, it is a disgrace that police have not been promised the backdating of their salary increases, but let us not forget, that teachers and many other professions were also given 18 month pay increases meaning that the 2.5% increase that was announced equated to 1.8% if you took it as an annual pay rise.

The difference is that the police were promised a backdating whilst teachers were not. However, the government did promise teachers that the pay review body could re-examining the teachers pay deal if inflation hit 3%. Despite their promise, the government showed it's word was of as much value as a chocolate teapot when they reneged on this promise to teachers and refused to allow the teachers pay review body to re-examine the pay settlement for teachers.

What does the way the government treat public service workers tell us about them as a government ? It tell us all that they cannot be trusted and they tell lies.

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