Tory hypocricy ? Why is only stealing when the Tories have their policies nicked by Labour ?

The Tories are very quick to point the finger at Labour whenever the Labour party borrows or adopts a policy the Conservative have announced. However, in the numerous cases where the Tories have copied the Lib Dems policies, the Tories are keen as mustard to call it a fresh idea that they have just thought of.

Several key proposals which the Conservatives claimed were their own, had actually originally been proposed by the Liberal Democrats. They include:

- Charging aviation tax on planes, not passengers (passed by Liberal Democrat conference in 2004)
- Taxing non-domiciles (passed by Liberal Democrat conference in 2007)
- Increasing the inheritance tax threshold (passed by Liberal Democrat conference in 2007)

So now all hail the Tories "new" policy, which seems very similar to the Lib Dems policy on micro-generation. No, surely not ?

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