Scum on Sunday doing the Tories dirty work ?

I've never been a fan of the Mail or any of that group of papers. I remember learning that they supported Hitler up until about 1940, and certainly through start of the subjugation of the Jews in the late 1930's, and ever since then have simply printed Tory Press releases, unchecked and unedited. to describe The Daily Mail or it's Sunday version as a newspaper is to do a disservice to proper newspapers (the old broadsheets) who at least have so modicum of impartiality.

So why is the mail on Sunday trying to make a story out of nothing by individually phoning up donors to Nick Clegg's campaign and trying to make a story up ? Ah, well someone has to do the Tories dirty work for them.

Hat tip to Martin Land.

Update : More on the stupidy of the Daily Mail and its sister paper the Scum on Sunday HERE.


Anonymous said...

Well Nick, who said politics was a clean game. No wonder the electorate suddenly all become strangely housebound on Election Day.
Still I suppose it does all balance itself out with the BBC almost unable to acknowledge the Tories as a credible Party. And to think that some of their minnows (nearly said top guns) have been giving support to that scheming villain Conrad Black.

Liked your observation on the empty tea and coffee Isle in Sainsbury's. A hilarious but obvious observation.

Great blog.


Norfolk Blogger said...

You are having a joke about the BBC aren't you David ? They report David Cameron breaking wind as if it is major news and even had a one hour documentary about him the other day.

I'm afraid the Tories only see one side of the BBC, and its the sice they want to see.

What about Sky news presenters making snide comments about Cameron ? you never hear the Tories moan about Sky (got to get Murdoch on side).

Anonymous said...

Nich, Yes I suppose the attention Cameron is getting from the BBC is a little worrying. It's all looking a bit 1994 when Blair was the flavour of the decade, and especially later on after his trip down under for Murdoch's backing.

Im hoping Nick Clegg is going to do well. It's good to get back to a three Party State.
Didnt like the way Paxman grilled him the other night.. even before he started the job.

I often find myself wondering who both Paxman and Dimbleby support politically. It's one of life's great conundrums.