Non event Question Time

you do have to wonder at some of the guests the BBC chooses for Question Time.

Tonight's was rendered almost a complete waste of time by having only one elected MP on the panel (Ken Clarke) after Douglas Alexander, brother of embattled Scottish Labour Leader Wendy Alexander pulled out. There was a Daily Mail journalist (almost certainly a Tory) and author I have never heard of (I know, it probably shows my ignorance) an American and someone else I have never heard of who is apparently the Labour leader in the Lords.

No Lib Dem, no Labour MP and a severe lack of credibility all round left me feeling that I hadn't actually got answers from anybody because the people we needed answers from were not there. Question Time used to be about asking politicians serious questions, but sometimes it is just like a poor man's university debating society.


Anonymous said...

Better to have people I have never heard of with someting sensible to say, than Eddie Izzard and Davina MCCall, talk about dumbing down!

Jo A said...

I always tend to wonder why people aren't watching newsnight instead - then feel guilty for thinking they must not be that bright...

Anonymous said...

Never usually miss Question Time, but true it has been dumbed down somewhat ever since they started inviting comedians and so called celebs. The one with Davina McCall was awful. Was that just a ploy to get the Big Brother viewing Uni/College crowd to tune in.
They say that Andrew Neil is really miffed at having to follow the show so late, hence no love lost between him and Dimbleby.
And if Portillo turned his back on politics then why is he on this show.