It's the idiot drivers who turn to talk to their passengers that I worry about

Evidence has been produced today to show that drivers using hands free mobile phone in cars are as dangerous as drunk drivers. That may be the case, but there has to be a sensible place to draw the line.

using a hand held mobile phone is quite rightly, in my opinion, banned. I think everyone can agree that having a hand way from the job of driving the vehicle cannot help road safety. But there are so many other things that make driving dangerous.

When I worked for an insurance company in Norwich (work it out) the figures showed at the time that smokers had more accidents than non smokers. It is obvious realty. Constantly waving a cigarette around in one hand in your car is much like using a handheld mobile phone yet smoking in cars in not banned.

Then there are the idiots, and these people annoy me most, who are having a conversation in their car (no problem with that), but you get the idiot drivers constantly turning to face their passenger every time the driver wants to speak. Why do they do this ? Surely the passenger isn't going to think they are speaking to someone else just because they are not facing them ?

Of course measure should be introduced to make driving as safe as possible. But why not tackle smoking rather than hands free phones. you might not only save some pedestrians lives but also the driver's too.

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