Is there any better way of having as much fun with your clothes on ?

I have to say, despite their low position in the Championship, despite the cold and wet weather, and despite all the trials and tribulations at Norwich City Football club in recent months, I could not have had more fun than I did yesterday at the Norwich vs Sheffield United match.

On other more sunnier days I might have believed my enjoyment owed much to the pre match visit to the bar, but on as grotty a day as I had yesterday hot chocolate was very much the order of the day. But no, my enjoyment yesterday was of watching two almost completely British teams playing real blood and guts football, with no quarter given, in torrential conditions, refereed by a good ref, with a real effort from both teams to get the football down and play passing football.

Yes, Norwich won, and of course that makes the enjoyment all the better, and when Sheffield United had a goal disallowed in the 90th minute it was even more exaggerated joy and relief. However, it was absolutely enthralling throughout and a great advertisement for why nearly 25,000 people go and watch Norwich every home game come rain or shine, come Premiership or bottom of the Championship (as they were recently).


Joe Otten said...

Nothing wrong with that goal.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I couldn't tell you as I was at the other end of the pitch, although the TV this morning only showed one angle and it was inconclusive.

OneHourAhead said...

Is there any better way of having as much fun with your clothes on?

My immediate answer to this was going to be "Yep, it's called watching ITFC, mate" and then make some reference to you being scum, but after this weekend's drubbing to the Portman Road Old Boys Association I think I'll just keep schtum!

Norfolk Blogger said...

The point I was trying to make was not specifically Norwich related but makes the point, I hope, that football is not just about watching 22 men running around after a football. It is hard to explain or quantify why football, why being so cold and miserble can be so uplifting and enjoyable, but it is.