I don't give a damn where the manager comes from

I am so tired of all the whingers moaning about the choice of Fabio Capello as the new England manager.

The constant cry on the radio today was of second rate English managers, and plenty of third rate ones too, moaning about why an Englishman was not chosen for the job.

It does not take rocket science to explain the answer to this simple problem. There are too few English managers managing at the very highest level. Those who do have a habit of treating the media with disdain (for example Harry Redknapp and Sam Allardyce refuse to speak to the BBC), and good media relations are key to the job, whilst the other "contenders" have never won anything as a manager and have not yet shown they are up to the level required for the top job.

I don't care, quite frankly, if Fabio Capello is Italian or from Pluto. If England start winning more games and qualify from for the next World Cup nobody else will care too.

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