Here is something else Nick Clegg should be campaigning against in 2008

Nick Clegg is right to highlight ID cards and the erosion of civil liberties as his main focus in 2008, but given the recent ID thefts and data loss scandals involving the government, he should also be seeking to halt the government#s plans to further centralise data in the UK.

It is clear this government has not got the first idea how to protect and make data safe, and given their woeful record in recent weeks, their broken promises when they stated data would be sent encrypted and by proper courier after they lost the data of 25,000 Standard Life customers, only to ignore the rules and lose 25 million peoples data, and their continued drive to collect more data on us all, Nick Clegg really does need to take the public's concerns on board and work to halt these plans.

When the first NHS health records have gone "live" today, it is only a matter of time before hackers not only have our bank accounts and pin numbers, but our full health records too.

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Anonymous said...

He actually moved a motion at the last conference on this very subject. So he should be well placed to talk about it.