Have they nothing better to do on Christmas Day ?

I'm am no critic of the Royal family, far from it. I think in our constitutional monarchy they play their full part and I think the recent documentary on the Royal family, and in particular the work of the much maligned Dukes of York and Wessex, has shown just how much they do. However, some people do take their adulation of the Royal family to far.

I am sure if the Royals were visiting my village I'd pop down to have a look. But why every Christmas Day morning are we greeted on the news by the same old bunch of sad cases who have nothing better to do on that day of all days, than travel to Sandringham to stand outside the church to give the Queen some flowers.

Is it me or is it just very sad ?


Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

Perhaps they just like giving flowers, Nich.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Miss Welby said...

HI Nich.

fair enough, your post is fairly balanced and I broadly agree.

anyway, I was passing by because of another reason: the seasonal greetings to wish the best :)


Henry North London said...

Have you actually cross referenced them from previous years? You sad bastard...

Only joking of course...

Perhaps they are the locals... There is a little village nearby after all

But you're right Surely they should be at home basting their 8kg turkey with its juices every 45 minutes.

Merry Xmas...