Gordon Brown finally admits defeat in Basra

We are, according to Gordon Brown, handing over control of Iraq to Iraqi government forces. In truth, we know this is not the case.

Reports on both sides of the Atlantic repeat again and again that Basra is controlled by militias who have infiltrated the police. This leads to widespread corruption, a complete lack of faith in the police forces and lawlessness on the streets. Yet given this scenario, we are still handing Basra over to them.

I don't blame the army for this. Under paid (if they get paid at all) and under equipped, both in terms of body armour, armoured vehicles with the correct armour and also in personnel, the army have done as much as they can given the circumstances.

What is clear now is that Brown has decided to get out as quickly as possible whilst not being seen to be jumping to the opposition's tune. in truth, that means the Lib Dems tune as we are the only party who really support a withdrawal. after all, the Tories were keener on the war than even Labour was and cuddly Dave Cameron was as vociferous in his support as any Tory.

The army won us the war, but poor government and poor decisions by politicians meant we never stood a chance of winning the peace.

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