EXCLUSIVE : Labour MP in shock announcement

I have been informed exclusively tonight (and I am sorry to SKY News, the BBC, Iain Dale and ITV for jumping the gun in revealing this before the embargo) that one Labour MP is to make a shock announcement tomorrow which will send the political world in to a frenzy of excitement.

The shock news is that in the wake of Peter Hain announcing that he received more campaign funds that were not properly registered, on top of the funds already offered to Hilary Benn, funds received by Harriett Harman and Scottish Labour leader Wendy Alexander also failing to notice that one of her donors was not a UK registered voter, the member of Parliament for the constituency of the East Riding of North West Upper Yorkshire, Greg Ormesby, is set to make the ludicrous accusation that :

1) He has never received money from David Abrahams.

2) He is, to his knowledge, the only Labour MP not to have met David Abrahams.

3) He has not received any donations from anyone not registered as UK voter.

4) He has never improperly failed to disclose a donation made to him.

Already the press speculation is that Mr Ormseby is the only Labour MP who has been identified as not having made some catastrophic error in funding his campaigns.


Anonymous said...

what happended to the £2m Lib Dem backer at the last election ???

Did your Party repay it ??

Can you be assured that when you were a councillor you never infringed electorial law

Did you pay for the stakes/wood for the posters in peoples gardens etc

Lets be correct, its very difficult obviously if politicians deliberately try to hide donations they should be sacked

but be very careful what you wish for ????

Norfolk Blogger said...

Are you referring to the lib Dem 2.4 million, the one the Lib Dems went thorugh every correct channel to check ?

The one the Lib Dems wrote to the electoral commission asking if it was okay to accept the money ?

The one the electoral commission said it was okay to accept the money from ?

In hindsight, it turns out he was a crook, but at no point has anyone found any proof that the Lib Dems sought to hide his donation or that the lib Dems did any wrong ? notice the difference ?

Oh, and all our expenses forms make reference to hire of posters, stakes, boards, etc from the local party. Thanks for asking.

Greenfield said...

You are hitting some raw nerves Norfolk Blogger!!!

They dont like it up em!!

jailhouselawyer said...

He must be deserving of a sainthood?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Cash for Sianthoods ?

jailhouselawyer said...

Why not? Cash for honours and cash for planning applications for business parks, etc...

Anonymous said...

Surely the issue is most British poltical parties and politicians try there very best

I have meet the highest standard in Local Gov from all parties

you should try Italy or Ireland

its simply not a black and white issue, I believe anyone who has stood for election knows its choatic situation and unless you are lucky enough to have a very good agent it is easy to fall foul
of the many laws

P&P being one of the biggest, but even the famous postal votes

lets get real

yes the laws should be tightened
even more but it is evolving

lets examine some journalist expenses or even newspaper owners (come in Mr Black)