BBC One 8 O'clock News bulletin

I'm sorry, please can someone explain what the point of the new 8 O'clock news bulletin is ?

The news only finishes at 7pm on BBC One whilst if you have BBC News 24 (which nearly 70% of the country have now on Freeview, cable or Sky), you are just a click away from the news. Taken with the fact that the BBC also do a 60 second news on BBC Three almost every hour and news bulletins on BBC4 too, you have to ask why there is this overkill of news "lite" on the BBC. This excludes the plethora of alternative news sources, which I know the BBC does not have to take any notice of, after all, they are in direct competition.

I'm all for trying to educate the masses about the world and important events, but a 60 second news broadcast is not enough to do that and is actually rather patronising. Coupled with the BBC's insistence that local news too should have a further 60 second update just an hour and five minutes since the end of the regional news (and if you live in East Anglia that means an update on a bus being late in Stowmarket or a new village sign near Kings Lynn, hardly earth shatteringly urgent news), it is a complete and utter waste of time.

I don't know whose idea it was or whether it was an attempt impress the government, but the BBC News bulletin at eight o'clock is a bad idea.

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