Again from Labour, the last thing Primary Schools need right now

I cannot believe that the government are set to have another root and branch review of the whole primary school curriculum.

This year already schools are starting to introduce the new literacy and numeracy frameworks, which in essence is seeing 40% of lessons each day having to be re-planned, re-organised and re-resourced and this is no small task both in man hours and in financial terms. Now the government want to further overburden schools by reviewing the whole curriculum and no doubt making further changes.

What the teaching profession needs is at least a three year moratorium of no more policy changes, no more reviews, no more curriculum changes, just three years, at least, of solidly being able to get on with the job in hand.

Successive government have never given one policy long enough to see if it will actually work before changing it, which in turn means that nobody is quite sure what really does work and what does not.

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