Tell Chris Huhne to lay off the negative campaigning please !!

I cannot be the only person who is concerned about Chris Huhne's apparently "negative" words used against Nick Clegg, can I ?

Did Chris Huhne really need to say "Britain does not need a 3rd Tory party" ? After all, isn't one of those questions that does not need to be said unless you are trying to imply something ?

What ammunition this will give to Labour supporters who could go around saying, if Nick Clegg wins, that the Lib Dems are becoming another Tory Party, so don't vote for them. Talk about making a rod for your own back too with the press. How many times will Chris be asked by the press, if Nick wins, "So are you a third Tory party ?"

I know supporters of Chris will say that he didn't mean it as an attack on Nick Clegg, but if it was not an attack on him then who was it aimed at ? Was Chris having a dig and Ming ?

Whoever is advising Chris ought to tell him to stay positive, gives no crumbs of encouragement to our political opponents and keep away from the negativity. After all, I think this is more likely to put people off him then make people coming flooding over to him.

P.S. I know I write yesterday that I had nothing to say about the leadership as I am totally un-aligned, but I thought this needed saying.


Paul Linford said...

So who is Clegg having a dig at exactly when he talks continually about the Lib Dems needing to stop "looking inward?"

You know perfectly well Nich that this is code for "don't vote for Chris, you may like his views but the electorate doesn't."

Anonymous said...

What about Clegg's comments that the Lib Dems are a party of navel-gazers?? Surely that is rather negative.

Anonymous said...

What do you make of Featherstone's 'contributions' to the election (see my blog for more info)?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Paul, I had not seen those comments, but have now. i did not see them as a dig at Chris, more a dig at the party. Is that good ? I don't know, but I think he is right.

I have experienced too many times Lib Dems making policy on the basis of being in opposition, having an opposition mindset and not being able to really be ready for power.

We also, as a party, ignore some real issues and get bogged down in trying to sell policies and ideas to people that they do not want. Regional government is an example of this. if we stopped examining our navels and started speaking to the electorate we would soon find out that people support growing calls for a more English parliament, but instead we try and sell them a product they don't want. We also do the same with Europe.

As I said in the main piece, I have no axe to grind. I really don't mind who wins. I think they would both make great leaders. However, we need the negativity like a hole in the head.

Charlotte Gore said...

Hmm, yes, I completely agree with you on this one.

AndyW said...

Hi Nich,
You have a point and it is obviously important to be constantly aware of public opinion and desires.

Sadly what is now happening is that the parties obsess with public opinion at the expense of their core beliefs. This is leading to Labour & the Tories being very similar and neither is true to their native constituency. If you are not careful you will go down the same road, all pampering to the polls.

I see little value in winning for the sake of it without the mandate to implement your values. To an extent that is why neither Huhne nor Clegg are the right answer, they just look good for the cameras. I would like to see more depth to the contest, certainly from Vince Cable and Steve Webb. At present the media has selected your candidates – so the contest, which should be an opportunity to debate values, is dull, dull, dull.