Revealed : HMRC were warned about delivering the disks safely by the National Audit Office

Information has been released by the government showing that the National Audit Office warned HMRC to ensure that the disks (the now famous disks) holding the personal information on 25 million people, be delivered "as safely as possible".

The government apparently asked for this information to be released to "prove their case". The problem is, for them, is that I cannot see how it does.

The government would have is believe that this shows that they knew that safety was paramount in this case. However, what it says is that one government department (the National Audit Office), knew about safety, but HMRC did not. Does this prove the government's case ? No, actually it proves that what the government says is happening in the at government department actually does not happen.

Take, for example, the case just a few weeks ago when tens of thousands of Standard life customers had their details given away on another lost disk that went missing when delivered by courier. The government stated at the time that new systems had been introduced in order for this to never happen again. Less than a month later it does happen again, but for 25 million people, not 15,000.

What this shows is the government are incompetent in getting their message across and fail to follow up announcements with action.

The government showing that the NAO were concerned about the security of the disks proves the government were taking real concern over this as much as Gorge W Bush's declaration in 2003 that the War was over in Iraq. They were both false statements which were not proved by any real action and policy.

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