On hearing Cameron and Brown, I actually believed Brown more !

I watched the Queen's speech debate (or most of it) down the gym after work today and heard some on the radio, and For me, I felt Brown was more believable.

It does seem funny that for all Cameron's accusations about brown having no substance, that Brown was then able to give example after example of the Tories and the Tory leader contradicting themselves (sometimes within days of each other) and very much telling one thing to one audience and another to a different audience.

I have no love for Gordon Brown, and although I will admit to loathing "Blair Mk 2", Dave to you and me, I couldn't help but actually feel that brown had the edge today. The constant backslapping from Gideon Osborne to his old Bullingdon mate every time he made a joke was like something from Brideshead Revisited, looking like a bunch of privileged post boys, born with silver spoons in their moths making jokes about the poor, but offering no real solutions.

No, for me Brown won.

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