Missile Defence Plans released but hidden from Parliament

The BBC reports that plans to use an RAF base as part of the USA's missile defence programme were released by the government as parliament was about to break for the summer, thus denying parliament the opportunity to questions the decision and also meaning the information was not known by many MP's because they were back in their constituencies for the summer.

The government say there was "no attempt to conceal this information". This I doubt strongly.

That said, if the government really did want to let people know this decision had been made surely they would have put the information on to two disks and sent it via the MOD internal post. then we could have been guaranteed that it would have got in to the public arena.

This is yet another example of labour taking parliament for granted and caring very little about democracy.

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Peter McGrath said...

Menwith Hill (a listening station) and 'RAF' Fylingdales (early warning station) in the middle of the North Yorks Moors are both US client bases.