The Lord Mayor's Procession - Is anybody interested ?

We have a Lord Mayor's procession in Norwich, although the BBC do not come and film it. I guess dozens of other towns have similar events too. again with no TV coverage. Yet in London, a Mayor with virtually no power who is actually only mayor of one square mile, not the whole of London, gets his procession screened on National TV.

I can understand 20 years ago it was a good excuse for the BBC's outside broadcast unit to justify its existence, but is anyone at all inside London, let alone outside London really interested in the Lord mayor's procession and does it justify having live TV coverage on the BBC ?


Sir James Badger said...

That's a point. Maybe the Beeb needs to do a roundup, like a blog roundup.

Bob Piper said...

Frankly, No, it bloody doesn't. Particularly as the joys of an Autumn weekend, bike ride, coffee and croissants in bed, and watching the Saturday Kitchen are disturbed by this nonsense put on for US and Japanese tourists and blue rinse Tory ladies.