Is Lib Dem "Star" Vince Cable set for Strictly Come Dancing ?

It is interesting to read about MP's real ambitions, and also a pleasant surprise when it is not all about power.

Vince Cable, who has been making the headlines for all the right reasons since stepping in as acting Lib Dem leader for the last few weeks, has had the government on the rack over Northern Rock and a host of other issues, and delivered the killer line about Gordon Brown transforming from "Stalin to Mr Bean", a line that may well stay with Gordon Brown for a long while to come.

So whilst everyone praises Vince, and some say what a great leader he would have been, it is nice to know that Vince does not seek extra power. Instead, his ambitions are much more to do with his hobbies. Vince, who is a keen ballroom dancer, is keen to be the first MP to take part in the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing.

Considering Vince has excelled as an economist for one of the largest companies in the world, as an MP, as a Lib Dem spokesman and as acting leader, who is to argue that he wouldn't succeed at Strictly Come Dancing too ?

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