Inept or Corrupt ? How can the EU's accounts be wrong 13 years running ?

I read that the EU's accounts have, for the 13th year, been rejected by auditors.

A question for all the Europhiles. Is the EU corrupt or inept ? Either way, it's something we ought to be more critical of.

There are some in the party who will say "oh isn't it awful,", but when asked should we integrate more with a corrupt and inept organisation like this ? They reply "Of course" To my mind the EU is the equivalent of the Labour Party. It says it does lots of good and I believe that it actually does want to do good. In truth though it fails by almost every measure and cannot be trusted.

"When it comes to Europe the party loses all critical faculties", one of my political colleagues said to me once. How right he was.

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An accountant writes ... said...

It's because these accounts have to include the amounts booked by member states, including the UK. It's actually not Brussels which is the problem, it's Westminster (& other national governments) - indeed most UK govt departments would also have their accounts qualified if they had to go through anything like as rigorous a process.