If only they had been so quick to condemn paedophile priests

Surely I am not the only person who wonders why it took the Roman Catholic decades to admit that nuns beat children in orphanages in Ireland. Why they hid priest accused of abusing children. Why they obstructed police investigating abuse and refused to admit it was happening yet when IVF is offered to lesbian couples, the Roman Catholic Church reacts almost instantly.

I wish all relgions would just learn to preach to the converted and stop trying to tell people of other denominations and none what they should be doing.

Government has a legitimate role in dictating what all people can and cannot do, after all, they are the legal guardians of the state and the country and therfore have powers over ordinary citizens. But religion does not have these powers. Religions can, of course, play a roll in talking to their followers, but they shouldn't start trying to impose their ideaology on others. I do wish that religion was kept out of politics.

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