I need one of those "You are the 100,000th visitor" pop ups

You know those wholly false and very annoying pop ups that claim you are the 100,000 visitor to a website ? Well in my case you could be right because as of the time of writing this I need only 13 more visitors to reach the 100,000 visitor to my blog.

Thanks to all those who do read what I write, even if you disagree with me. it would be much more worrying if you did all agree and would be far more boring.


Anonymous said...

Was it me? Was it me? Do I get a prize? ;-)

Grendel said...

Congrats Nich (when you get there).

Paul Walter said...

Many congratulations Nich! You write a blog which is always energetic and interesting. Well done!

Paul Walter said...

By the way, not wishing to put a damper on celebrations, Bravenet is saying you've had 100,000 page views - not visitors.