Every time Brian Paddick says something to the press I become more impressed.

Brian Paddick has told the Telegraph that Sir Ian Blair, who Brian Paddick worked closely with in the Met Police, is too close to the government.

He explained his thinking clearly when he said;

"As soon as people perceive that the police commissioner is too close to a political party it undermines public confidence in the whole of the police force .It calls the political independence of the police into question. Police officers want the public to be proud of them. If there's a perception that their chief is aligned to a political party that undermines the rank and file officers.

His position is unsustainable. I think he should resign."

Well done Brian. There were some who were initially sceptical when Brian Paddick first put himself forward, but every time he speaks on a subject he speaks with authority, he speaks as a liberal and he really has put the invisible Boris Johnson in the shade. And whilst on the subject, has anyone seen Boris ? Has his old mistress taken him back ? Is he, by any chance, actually working in his own constituency ? Surely not. As some would say "that would be a first."

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Rob said...

If anyone wants to help on the Paddick campaign there are two Facebook groups for his supporters - in the gratifying hundreds so far!