Chris or Nick ? Does it matter as we may not receive ballot papers anyway

Having posted a story an hour ago asking why I received no ballot paper for the European elections or any candidate information, it appears that it is not just mewho has been denied the opportunity to vote.

Already commenters are saying that this has happened elsewhere in the country and there has been a cock up.

So does it matter who I vote for in the leadership elections ? Let's face it, if we cannot organise internal elections for Euro candidates properly, in all likelihood I won't receive a ballot paper for the leadership election anyway !


Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Interesting that you're not the only one. Have just blogged about the subject.

Anonymous said...

According to the Liberal Revolution in North West the family of four voters of Flo Clucas, who was beaten to the fourth place by Helen Foster-Grime with just about 2 votes, didn’t receive ballot papers.

Stephen Robinson said...

Oh come on Nich. It was down to Royal Mail.