Cameron owes teaching profession an apology for smears on GMTV

David Cameron seemed very flustered on GMTV a few minutes ago, so much so that even the light weight Fiona Phillips pushed him in to a corner on education.

Cameron's response was to say that "after 10 years of labour half of all eleven year old's leave school not being able to read, write or add up".

This statement is, of course, absolute rubbish.

I wonder if David Cameron will offer an apology to the teaching profession for this slur, after all, he is quick to ask for Labour MP's to apologise when they make similar errors.


RobC said...

Point well made about Cameron.

As for Fiona Phillips I've always thought she is a bit smarter than she appears and than many give her credit for. If she wasn't I doubt she would have remained in that job quite so long.

James Graham said...

That was the line the Tories were pushing in the constituency I was campaigning in in 2005. I've often wondered how they justified it. Any ideas?

RobC said...

It is typical of a number of Tories I know who educate their kids privately - they have this stereotypical view of the state education system. Cameron is only mouthing this in-built prejudice - a bit of a giveaway maybe and one he may live to regret.