Bird Flu in Norfolk - Someone should tell the press this is not just a problem for farmers

It seems odd that the press are so blissfully unaware of the potential for bird flu to transfer itself in to a killer form of flu that will affect humans and kill millions.

Experts warn that 30-150 million people worldwide will die from a mutated version of the H5N1 flu bug when it does eventually spread between humans easily. Yet the press reports the outbreak in a Norfolk poultry farm as though it is a minor incident.

With each outbreak the chance of it being caught be a human increased, and if it is caught by a human with human annual flu, then the risk of a pandemic flu virus is massive, and if predictions by the government are correct we could have 560,000 dead in this country, or if scientists are corrects, we could have 5 million dead. Even if they are both half right, that's 5% of the population gone.

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