BBC website reveals a breakthrough for the Lib Dems

For over two years the BBC's news coverage of politics both on air on on the internet has involved taking a press release from the Tories, and printing it almost verbatim. The number of headlines along the lines of "Cameron opposes War" or "Cameron condemns murder" or "Cameron's says being poor is not good", has been tedious in the extreme and kills the lie the Tories like to put around that the BBC is highly biased against them.

So imagine my shock when I checked out the BBC website this evening. I clicked on to their political news and discovered that the BBC had realised that there was another political party around, called the Liberal Democrats, and the top three news stories were all essentially Lib Dem stories.

The top story led on Vince Cable's reference to Gordon Brown turning from Stalin in to Mr Bean. The second story was the lib Dems estimating that the lost child support data disks are worth £1.5 billion to criminals with the third story being Chris Huhne inspired.

Well done to the Lib Dem press team and to the BBC journalist(s) who have had the guts to avoid another "David Cameron attacks starvation" headline.


headless said...

Due, in no small part I'm sure, to the Lim Dems actually having something newsworthy to say for a change?

Anonymous said...


Anthony said...

Headless, do you think that the tosh that the broadsheets and the BBC trot out about Tories' views on the most inane things - usually along the lines of, "Cameron says [something obviously bad] is very bad" - are newsworthy? Getting press coverage, sadly, has little do do with having something newsworthy to say.