Are the Lib Dems afraid of Iain Dale ? Surely not !

As Iain Dale has revealed, he has applied to succeed Ann Widdecombe as the Tory candidate in Maidstone and if selected, this would land him potentially a very safe seat.

You might have imagined given the Lib Dems success in North Norfolk of fighting off Iain's energetic campaign there in 2005 that Lib Dem's would be queueing up to fight Maidstone themselves. However, I read that the Lib Dem candidate has withdrawn recently.

Perhaps the tide has turned for Iain. Where once we knew we could beat him perhaps in Maidstone we know we can't ? Surely we aren't scared of Iain Dale. Are we ?


Mark Valladares said...

Nich, for God's sake pay attention. Our selected PPC stood down in June... I know, I was the Returning Officer...

Norfolk Blogger said...

And it has been spoken about for many months that Widdecombe was likely to stand down and that Iain might apply for the seat. Come on. Keep up !