Tories and Labour remain united in self interest over party funding

Talks have apparently collapsed ending any hope of a deal on party political funding, meaning that Lord Ashcroft (the former Belize ambassador ???) will remain the Tories major supplier of Tories funds and the unions will continue to bankroll Labour.

What the collapse in the talks shows us is that labour and the Tories cannot put heir own interests aside in an effort to wipe the slate clean on party funding and get people believing that individuals make a difference in politics. As it is, the message the Tories are putting out is that millionaire individuals count as being more important than the man in the street as it will but you influence and position within the Tory part. Whilst Labour are little better.

I suppose it was too much to ask for the Labour and Conservatives might think about improving the image and status of politicians and political parties by coming to an agreement. But yes, it was too much to ask for.

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Iain Dale said...

Oh dear. This is wrong on so many counts.

1. Lord is NOT the MAJOR provider of Tory funds (unlike Michael Brown to the LibDems, of course in 2005)

2. We walked away because Labour refused to discuss trade union donations. Why didn;t you support our stance? We suggested that as with individuals and businesses, trade unions should be restricted to a limit of £50,000. I imagine you would support that. Why didn't your MPs?

What of the above can you possibly disagree with?