Surely hard shoulders were built for a reason ?

The government's cheap solution to motorway congestion seems so obvious and simple, were it not for one obvious fact.

Hard shoulders were built for a reason. That reason was for emergency purposes, be it a car breaking down or as a means of access for emergency services in the event of a road accident. If the hard shoulder was a fourth lane, surely it would be called a "fourth lane" and not a hard shoulder ?

Whatever will be next on the government's list of ways of using existing things for other tasks, I mean, its not as if these things, like hard shoulders, are not there for a reason.

My top suggestions are :

1) If ambulances pass a bus stop in rush hour they should stop to pick up any passengers who might need to be going in the direction of the accident. This would save the council having to subsidise inadequate bus services.

2) Hospitals should be encouraged to put up "Vacancies" signs outside so that any spare beds might be filled by businessmen in search of a Travel Lodge.

3) Royal Navy vessels might be used to quickly transport lorries across the channel to clear backlogs after French transport strikes.

4) Spare RAF aircraft could be used to fly holiday makers abroad at busy times of the year.

5) Land around RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus could be turned in to a rather lovely holiday resort.

6) Air Ambulances could also double up as "Eye in the sky" traffic news reporters for local radio.


crewegwyn said...

Sorry to get all serious, but this will go splendidly until the first incident where a petrol tanker using the hard shoulder runs into the back of a broken-down school bus, killing x number of children.

Then it'll all be somebody else's fault.

Norfolk Blogger said...

No, don't apologise for getting serious. I was trying to make the same point. There is a serious reason why we have a hard shoulder and it is for emergencies.