Sharon Osbourne quits The X Factor - Good !

Thank goodness for that. The patronising Sharon Osbourne has quit the X Factor because one of her acts was voted out. What a pathetic individual she is. Rather like a child throwing a temper tantrum Sharon "cares so much for her acts" that she has walked out on her remaining two acts.

To be honest, last night's show was a far from auspicious start, with not one single act jumping out as being particularly talented or greatly better than the fare served up at a typical karaoke night. I am a big X Factor fan, so was greatly disappointed, however, the nauseating way Sharon Osborne kept referring to herself in the third person and then calling herself "mummy" all the time in a way I would expect from a child, simply put me off my tea. It's odd, because for all his smugness, Simon Cowell never has the effect on me.

No, perhaps without Sharon Osbourne the show might improve, her acts might do better and I might be able to eat more next Saturday. That said, I am supposed to be on a diet, but if putting on some weight means no Sharon Osbourne, then that's a small price to pay.


Anonymous said...

And Lisa thought you enjoyed the pies!!!


Norfolk Blogger said...

Luckily we ate during the Rugby, not X Factor. By the time my tea arrived I had a big appetite.