Saudi hypocrisy shows why Vince Cable was right to snub them

The Whiskey Priest blog makes an excellent assessment of the Saudi's allegations that the UK is not doing enough to prevent international terrorism.

This, you remember, comes from a nation who threatened to withdraw co-operation on terrorist matters if the UK persisted in investigation corruption on the Al Yamamah arms deal.

Perhaps the most galling think for me was to note who it was who the BBC reporter was who was having to cover the story, and it was, of course Frank Gardner. Frank was, for all those who don't know, a BBC reporter in Saudi Arabia who was shot and and left for dead by terrorists who the Saudi Government have never caught or dealt with. Indeed, when the terrorists left, the brave people of Saudi Arabia stood and watched as Frank Gardner pleaded for help and assistance. Not one came to Frank's aid or that of his assistant who was killed. Instead he had to wait, being watched by local people, until Saudi security forces turned up.

Thank goodness Vince Cable has taken a principled stand and will not be attending that Royal reception for the Saudi King tonight. If only all politicians were so principled.


Anonymous said...

Yes. Well done Vince. I'd vote for him.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Indeed. And Vince was great on Newsnight just now too.

Turbulent Cleric said...

Vince Cable has never been one of my favourite politicians but I m having to revise that. He is to be commended on his stand whilst Brown and Cameron fawn over the bloody dictator.