Nigel Farage "David (Cameron), come and speak to us"

Nigel Farage this morning hinted clearly that UKIP would be prepared to speak to the Tories about a deal in certain seats if the Tories spoke to them about a referendum on the EU constitution and possibly, and let me stress that "possibly" on the future of the UK's membership of the EU.

This is interesteding in that it says that UKIP might be prepared to do a deal. However, it might show also that UKIP are broke and have few candidates selected.

Take your pick of the reasons why.


Lord Higham-Johnson said...

All parties use strategy, Nich.

lady macleod said...

a bad hand of cards? aces and eights?

JO said...

It would certainly save UKIP's face. Farage could claim it was some sort of Country-before-Party gesture, rather than having to admit they simply don't have the resources to mount an effective campaign.

I'm getting ar too cynical for this game.

Anonymous said...

I reckon it's a canny move by Farage.

He knows Cameron has to say no (the last thing Dave wants is to push Europe back up the agenda - it exposes his own party's swivel-eyed tendency and internal difficulties).

Hence Farage gets publicity at the expense of the Tories (from whom they are looking to leech most votes & activists).