The next Norwich manager ?

Before meeting Iain Dale earlier this evening I was helping run the school football team, and it was at the end of the match that I realised that it is I, not Neil Warnock, Steve Bruce, Peter Taylor or any other football manager that has the motivational skills needed to turn Norwich City's fortunes around.

My school team was losing two nil at half time. I gave them the motivational talk at the break but I was not sure they really believed it, understood it or wanted to listen and then I spied the opposition. Rather than working as a group they were arguing about who was going to score the most goals or the best goal in the second half.

I gathered my team together and said "Look over there. They think they've already won. They think you are losers. Let's show them what we are capable of and go out there and win it !"

Result ? We won 4-3 !

So either a career as a motivational speaker awaits or Delia Smith will be offering me the manager's job at Carrow Road shortly.


Anonymous said...

There's a party political message there too, isn't there?

Good luck with Norwich..... and the rest of Norfolk.

Letters From A Tory said...

As a QPR fan you ain't getting any sympathy from me!