Making a virtue of your so called weaknesses - Possibilities for Nick Clegg and Chris Huhne

According to the media, Nick Clegg and Chris Huhne have both been naughty boys.

Apparently Chris Huhne possibly (with the emphasis on possibly) put his name to an article in the 1970's asking for people to be more tolerant of some drug use, notably LSD. Whilst Nick Clegg set fire to some cacti in Germany when he was 16 years old.

Surely these are both strengths to talk about, not hide. To put this in to perspective, Chris Huhne wrote an article (possibly), nothing more, nothing less. Unlike David Cameron, who prefers not to mention anything in his past associated with drugs, Chris can argue that in the 1970's he was already preaching tolerance and understanding, two very liberal virtues.

Whilst Nick Clegg can argue that they we were pinning medals on people fifty years ago for being what he did in Germany. And let's face it, setting fire to some plants hardly constitutes a hanging offence.

No, if these two stories are the very worst that people have on them, then we ought, as a party, be very pleased with ourselves.


Letters From A Tory said...

Setting fire to a cactus has got to be the lamest attempt at a bad-boy image I've ever heard of. I probably did worse things than that when I was a little kid!

I don't think the electorate care about this stuff - everyone has done something in the past that looks stupid in hindsight. They should focus on the leadership contest because neither of them can afford to slip up.

Anonymous said...

This was not just "some cactuses" but a major collection which it was someone's life's work to grow. How would you like it if you'd spent all your life lovingly and carefully growing some specimens and some drunken yob destroyed them?