Lib Dem Euro Candidates Campaign E-Mails - Not having the desired effect on me

In the last week I have received two e-mails from potential Lib Dem Euro candidates asking for my support.

No doubt they hoped their e-mails would impress me, and others, in to voting for them, but instead they have had the opposite effect.

I am not against them because they have spammed me with e-mail. No, I am rather pleased to see candidates using modern technology. No, what I don't like are the errors in mailings.

One candidate, who contacted me last week and attached he e-leaflet, fails to mention at any point the words "East of England" or a single issue affecting the East, whilst the other candidate who contacted me yesterday spelt his name wrong on the "From" parts of his e-mail (replacing a "w" with an "m"). So despite their best efforts, they've lost my vote.

Oh, and I know my spelling and grammar are not always perfect, but I am not seeking votes, so you are welcome to point out errors in my blog if you wish by way of revenge, but it won't bother me greatly.


stuart said...

East of England, perhaps, rather than "Easter of England"?

Linda Jack said...

Oh heck, no hope for me then, I spotted yesterday that my unpdf'd manifesto had left out a word........It should have said "Linda Jack No 1 in the East" instead it said "Linda Jack No I in the .........." very tempting for some to fill in the gap I don't doubt!

Anonymous said...

You're not alone. In the South West selections, I'm being torn between those who can't be bothered to run a spell/grammar check on their emails, and those who can't be bothered to think out policies more distinct than 'Making our values heard', or 'Fighting hard'.

Anonymous said...

The slackness of some political campaigning is really cringeworthy. If you're going to pretend you are personally mailing someone, at least do your research first.

Andrew Allison said...

If you can't be bothered to touch on the issues that affect your potential constituents and you can't be bothered to go through your campaign literature with a fine toothcomb, then you don't deserve support.