I'm sure I'd be pissed off too if I were the Tories - Brown is taking the proverbial out of us all

I have some sympathy with the Conservatives today after Gordon Brown chose to announce troop withdrawals whilst in Iraq. This is, however you look at it, a clever political move by Gordon Brown. It is a policy that will appeal to almost everyone who isn't American, but also steals the news agenda away from the Conservatives right in the middle of their conference.

John Major spoke with some passion on this subject on the radio earlier claiming it shows that spin is still alive and well under Gordon Brown. I agree, although I never felt it would go under Brown, just that it would be re-spun to look like something different. I could not, however, agree with Sir John's claim that this kind of politics was unique to Labour and that it wouldn't happen under the Tories.

David Cameron is spinning so much he appears to be hardly moving. Sir John Major was an honest man and, from what people tell me, a nice guy to boot, but when it comes to Cameron, he needs to remove the rose tinted spectacles.

John Major is right when he says that spin is now such a part of government that it makes politics a much less honourable profession and does a disservice to the people. I just doubt that anything would change under David Cameron.


Anonymous said...

NB, you have a lot of loyal Conservative readers. We can take criticism of our party, but you are going OTT. Anyone would think WE were in government with your daily rants.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Justin, it is YOUR conference week, so I would expect most bloggers to be focusing on the Tories this week and, if you had read the story, I had some sympathy with your lot.

Letters From A Tory said...

David Cameron was so close to blowing his lid when interviewed by Nick Robinson. You could just feel it.