Ignore what General Petraeus is saying about Iraq, find out the truth

The former US commander in Iraq, who is now retired and can speak freely about the issue has launched an astonishing attack on the US government and the US policy in Iraq. Lt General Ricardo Sanchez was speaking at Arlington to journalists and left them in no doubt as to his views.

He described the war itself as "a nightmare with no end in sight".

Of President Bush and his neo Conservative allies in government he was quoted as saying they "would have faced courts martial for dereliction of duty had they been in the military." He also labelled them as "incompetent" and "corrupted".

And perhaps highlighting why the British government are so keen to get out of Iraq, he said that the best the US could hoped for in Iraq was to "stave off defeat", Gen Sanchez warned.

So for all those who say "we can still win in Iraq", wake up and smell the coffee. Lt General Sanchez was in charge of the US forces in Iraq and if he does not think so, then what makes some politicians think they know more ?


Anonymous said...

And let us not forget that David Cameron and his Conservative friends voted for the war in greater numbers (in % terms) than Labour did.

I.M. SMALL said...


Petraeus is the kind of man
As don´t know wrong from right,
And called to testify at an
Inquiry will not bite

When baited with a moral query:
It lies beyond his scope;
His task is small; and he is leery
Assessing hoax from hope.

Public inquiry as about
Policy lies beyond him--
But of his Ps and Qs no doubt:
Blame them as would astound him.