Have the government looked on Ebay for cheap ministerial red boxes ?

The astonishing figure of £50,000 has been spent by the government on ministerial red boxes in the last few years, as has been revealed by answers to questions asked by Lib Dem MP John Hemming.

Some red boxes cost up to £750, although others costs less than half this.

It seems to me that if the government want to pick up a bargain then they should do what millions of others do and do a search on ebay.

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Joe said...

Department for Business

£13,337.50 for 18
£740.94 for 1

Whatever happened to economies of Scale!

Whatever happened to their business degrees etc?

Do the expensive ones have extra special locking devices!

why doesn't somebody ask the individual departments how much they need... and place a bulk order of a sufficient box

I totally agree with the ebay idea... but they wouldnt trust ebay.