EXCLUSIVE PICTURE - Iain Dale welcomed in to the Lib Dems by Lib Dem Blogger

Iain Dale today announced that he has at last realised that he had been wrong about his politics and that Conservatism was a dead ideology. Upon realising his error, and whilst being in Norfolk, Iain took the opportunity to apologise for his past mistakes to Lib Dem Blogger Nich Starling, and joined the Lib Dems (see photo).

Upon joining the Lib Dems Iain said "I now realise that I made a terrible mistake in ever being a Tory. I only hope the people will forgive me for my folly. With the Lib Dems now stuttering in the polls I feel it is my duty to give them a boost and hope I can do for them what I did for the Tories "

For the full story, click on to Iain Dale's blog HERE.

And yes, I am joking. I has a really pleasant drink with Iain and couple of his former UEA Conservative Society friends. I have not met Iain since the 2004 Euro election count, although we had been in the same room as each other since then, but with North Norfolk politics to the fore, I was always prepared to avoid him.

I have, since then grown up and have an enormous amount of respect for Iain. Thanks for inviting me Iain. A very grown up thing to do.


jailhouselawyer said...

As there is already another LibDem called Iain Dale, this defection will only add to the confusion of politics.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you write some really good articles, but you need to watch out a bit. You're starting to get a reputation as Iain Dale's pet Lib Dem blogger ...