An early election should focus the press on the real target seats for the parties

In recent elections it has been pretty clear to everyone when the elections were going to be called and because of this, very few constituencies did not have candidates already selected by each of the three main parties. Because of this it was not always easy for a slightly ignorant press to pick out which seats the parties were targeting as the press become obsessed each time with uniform swings and national factors whilst ignoring what is happening on the ground. This election, should it happen, will be very different.

There are vast swathes of the country that have not selected parliamentary candidates, and in the main this is because these are seats where the parties who have not selected know they stand absolutely zero chance of winning.

Take, for example, Norfolk. The Lib Dems have slected candidates in North Norfolk (obviously as they hold the seat), Broadland ( where April Pond is the candidate) and Norwich South (where Simon Wright is hot on the heels of Charles Clarke). The fact that in South Norfolk, a seat which was always hailed as the lib Dems best chance of success in Norfolk has failed to select yet perhaps underlines that this seat, although favourable to the Lib Dems, should not longer be considered a major target.

The Tories too have shown their hand in Norfolk. Both Norwich seats have failed to select candidates, despite the fact that Norwich North in particular was Tory held until 1997. Norwich South too is obviously not much of a prospect for the Tories with the Lib Dems in a clear second place to challenge Charles Clarke.

Labour are in a worse position than any of the parties in Norfolk. All the non held seats in Norfolk have seemingly not chosen candidates which highlights that they have very little chance of any gains.

Will the press notice these facts ? I doubt it.


Antony said...

I don't think you understand the way in which the party selects its candidates Nich.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Whilst I don't think it matters who wins this election, I would like to get Clarke out, and would be interested in assisting the Norwich LDs for that purpose.

He's a nasty piece of work and doesn't deserve a place in the commons.

Ben said...

I think the Tories have made clear that they have selected in all the seats that they feel they can win, so those that have not selected are not winnable.