2-1 to the referee

Well done to the idiot whe was in charge of the Merseyside Derby today.
Never before has a referee dictated the result so much in a game. He awardee a penalty and a red card against Everton for no reason except for the fact that Steven Gerrard fell over. He failed to send Kuyt off for a clear red card offence and he missed at least two clear Everton penalties.
To be fair to the ref, his red scarf did keep blowing in front of his eyes. What an absolute pillock.

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Anonymous said...

You couldn't be more right mate! It was a try no doubt about it! And like you stated, the only reaaon he didnt give it was because he was a biased Australian. Good for him ah? The England team still humilated the Australian teasm no matter what ah?
The fact is England sent Australia packing! I hope he feels better tonight 'cos nothing will save the Australian pansies! What about the ref? He didnt see the Sth Africans running in the way of the English tacklers but he sure saw the one English player tripping someone! Talk about sulking french bigot. Still, he is bound to feel bad seeing as the England team humilated the french team...ON THEIR OWN TURF!
The England team won that game!