Yes, abusive people ought to be charged for their NHS treatment

It might come as no surprise to people that i am supporting a policy proposed by my friend Norman Lamb, but it is always shocking to me that the NHS are expected to treat people with kindness and care when the staff themselves are being abused by patients.

The Norman Lamb, the Lib Dems health spokesman, has suggested that abusive drunks should be charged for their NHS treatment. Yes, I would go even further and given the NHS the right
to charge for treatment and even remove treatment from those people who are violent, racist or verbally abusive to NHS staff who are performing their duties.

Nurses, cleaners, porters and doctors deserve more protection.


youdontknowme said...

I agree. This is about the only policy that I like from the Lib Dems. It encourages personal responsibility which is even better.

ThunderDragon said...

I believe that they already can remove treatment from anyone who is violent or abusive towards staff.

Targeting drunks specifically is absurd, however. Making making them pay again for treatment will just mean that "drunks" [how do you define drunk in this case?] won't bother going to hospital at all, which could cause their injuries to get far worse.