The vanity of a terrorist - A missed opportunity for Big Brother

Does it strike anyone else as being slightly odd that a terrorist leader like Osama Bin Ladin should have his latest video filmed by a slightly more blurry camera to hide his wrinkles and bizarrely, that he has died his hair jet black like Elvis Presley in his Las Vegas days ?

Whatever next for Osama ? Perhaps a facelift ? Sack, back and crack ? Liposuction ? or dermabrasion to remove signs of ageing from his skin followed by a nose job ?

For some people being the world's most wanted man is not enough. He wants to look lovely on camera too. What a shame that Channel Four have axed Celebrity Big Brother as a man that vain must have been desperate to be a contestant on it.

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Sir James Robison said...

He is one of the increasing circle of true madmen in charge of the world now.